A Student’s Perspective

Slow Food UW serves lunches every Wednesday at The Crossing on University Avenue. I went to one of these lunches with University of Wisconsin – Madison junior Donald Knoelke. Knoelke had never been to a Slow Food lunch and did not know very much about the organization. Knoelke enjoyed the experience and said he plans to come to another lunch sometime soon.


AL: University of Wisconsin – Madison junior Donald Knoelke cooks for himself when time allows, but as a busy college student he eats out a lot.

DK: It’s really hard to find places around here to eat that will give you like a good meal, you know something that your mom would cook, as opposed to like fast food.

AL: I accompanied Knoekle on his first Slow Food Café meal. He says that the meal at the Slow Food Café was not what he expected.

DK: I mean for calling it slow it really didn’t take that long. So that was nice. I was like, I wasn’t quite sure what I was gettin’ myself into.

NAT SOT Donald: Donald ordering his meal


Knoelke enjoying his Senegalese meal.

AL: The day that Knoelke went to the café, the theme was Senegalese food.

DK: I guess I got the whole meal, so I got the chicken, the rice um with the onions, and then the mixed greens and dessert – it was $7.50. I mean, I’m gonna pay $7.50 basically anywhere I go for a meal so.

NAT sound: background noise in the café

AL: The menu changes weekly. Slow Food cafes are held on Wednesday’s at The Crossing on University Avenue. Knoelke had little knowledge of Slow Food coming into the café, but he left feeling good.

DK: I really liked it. Yeah I guess it really, it was well priced and I don’t feel like crap as I would if I went and you know grabbed McDonald’s or like went and got a piece of pizza somewhere. Um, so yeah. I’ll probably come again. I will come again.

NAT sound: dishes being put away at the end of the meal


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